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My first edit here (using iD) was to change the name of a building, but over 24 hours later the change hasn't shown up in the map. I suspect the problem is that the building wasn't defined as an area in the first place. See

I changed the name from The Roundwood Centre to Willesden Centre for Health & Care. I also added amenity=clinic and the website URL.

I think I need to make this an area, but I can't see how. Or is there some other reason why my name change hasn't shown up?

asked 16 Sep '13, 13:44

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Hi gh2, and welcome! I think this is due to the way you've updated it, since it is the area that will render the title, and that is and this hasn't been updated since 2010.

It looks like you've updated/added a relationship instead, so haven't applied those additional tags to the area.

Return to the area (click the link for the area I give above), and click on the outer border of building (at the very bottom left of iD there should be a link to "view on - hover over this and check it matches that link above) - you'll notice it's got no tags, except a relationship. Add all the elements/tags you require (building, name, website, etc etc) to this, and you should notice it then updates correctly.

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answered 16 Sep '13, 14:25

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That is incorrect. The building is mapped as a multipolygon relation, which is an area. So all of the tags should be on the relation, including the name tag. Names are rendered for buildings mapped as multipolygons.

As for why the name wasn't shown here, I think its just because the map hadn't rerendered yet. Changing a relation may not trigger an update to the tiles. You can manually mark the tiles as 'dirty' to get them to render.

(16 Sep '13, 15:46) Vclaw

In that case, I've learnt something too! Best of luck with that.

(16 Sep '13, 16:13) rogerstb

Thanks, I've forced the tiles to be re-rendered and my change is showing up now.

(16 Sep '13, 17:18) gh2

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