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To see the trails or place names in the Mt. Everest region you have to zoom way in. This makes the map almost useless for planning, especially if you are viewing them on a GPS or any small screen. Seems to me the renderer should consider rural areas differently than urban areas. In areas where there is not much data, everything should appear, even when zoomed way out. I suspect this would be a radical change to the way the renderer does things today but surely there must be a way to make things appear sooner. Is there a way to manually tag stuff in the data to make them appear sooner.

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You don't mention where you refer to GPS devices and where to which online maps.
Secondly, for planning to walk the Mt. Everest I strongly recommend not to use a GPS device but topographic maps.
If you still want to use maps based on OSM data you shouldn't just stick to the one default generic slippy map you find on but choose a more matching for this task like the hikebikemap. More maps you can find here at the wiki.

Maybe you find the hint helpful that I prepared my last hiking trip (but only to 2100 amsl) with aerial imagery from BING, an old topographic raster map and OSM data and maps. The tools I used were JOSM and QLandkarteGT.
You should be aware of the fact that the imagery of Bing is likely to be distorted in high elevations.

For different rendering depending on the density of data: OSM welcomes all coders who want to share their knowledge, time and energy to enhance OSM.
For the "mapping for the renderer" you asked for: Mappers are discouraged to do so.

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