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I would like to add a route sign to the end of the street tag would be highway=stop. And what to do with the related picture for example: traffic_sign=DE:206. I could not find any useful info in the related wiki I only found possibilities for turning route signs. Can you help me? (off: I would like to define all the route signs for my hometown - so my mother would be alerted by OSMand)
Edit: info how to define restriction can be found here

asked 11 Sep '13, 20:48

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edited 15 Sep '13, 14:32

You already found two relevant tags. What is you actual question? How to add those using one of the editors? And I'm not convinced osmand will actually recognize the traffic_sign tag.

(12 Sep '13, 13:54) scai ♦

i do not know how to add these tags to the and of a steet - i do not mind which editor, so if you have a solution by using one of them, then please share it

(12 Sep '13, 22:11) Hib

When you run this http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/133 overpass query, you'll find a few highway stops. The tagging is highway=stop. You place it on a node of the street on which you have to stop, close to the crossing to which it applies.

You will not see icons on the map of www.openstreetmap.org

So highway=stop or highway=give_way are nodes on the highway. For maxspeed, we typically do not map the sign, but place maxspeed=<speed> on the street. The same for max weight, max length, max width.

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answered 14 Sep '13, 15:55

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it would be better to define these tags at the intersection node/point like the turn restrictions. Since these signs used only because of an intersection/crossing - so these signs should not be used anywhere else on the street - what do you think?

(15 Sep '13, 09:27) Hib

That is only possible in Belgium, since you do not have 4 way stops. Typically the main road has right of way, the stop/give way is only on the minor road. When you place it at the interection, you don't know which road has the stop sign

(15 Sep '13, 18:52) escada
(15 Sep '13, 19:06) Hib

The wiki is the right place. For the "DE:206" stop sign, check this page for all German road signs:


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answered 13 Sep '13, 09:41

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still dont know how to define traffic signs - just add the tag to a street/route? can you please show 1 example on OSM?

(13 Sep '13, 15:00) Hib

two hints:


That is a plugin for the offline OSM editor JOSM.


go to http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org and enter any value for a street sign you want to use in its search box, like traffic_sign=DE:206

Proceed by klicking on one vaue in the Value column, and in the next screen there is a little symbol like a steering wheel (next to XAPI and JOSM button), klick it.

This will lead you to overpass-turbo.eu ... zoom out so that you can see whole Germany or similar, and press "Ausführen" ... thus you can see how that sign is used.

(13 Sep '13, 17:28) stephan75
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