A temporary lock door is made by a set of stoplogs or beams and filled with dirt or soil like a coupure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coupure It’s used in case of emergency, for instance to close a river or canal with a damaged lock door. There’s as far as I know no sign or mentioning of it in OSM. I consider man_made stoplog together with man made – dike for the filling. Its a vertical or upright dike with 2 reinforced slopes.

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A door is by no means a dike. And it is always helpful to provide a picture.

(11 Sep '13, 07:23) scai ♦

I second scai : it is unclear what physical object you are talking about.

(11 Sep '13, 10:53) Vincent de P... ♦

Do they look like some of these five pics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coupure#mediaviewer/File:Rheinperle_Deichscharte_zu_s.jpg If so and the emergency barrier is by the road, AND is usually open I would suggest tagging it as:- barrier=entrance : open=yes : closed=flood_emergency : or closed=flood or closed=emergency -----------comments requested

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answered 29 Aug '14, 18:41

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andy mackey
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Yep, there’s one over the A2 highway, first picture, (the left side) they close it every 2 years, left or right side of the highway. It takes about 3 hours to close it and reopen it again. The elements are hidden above the way and besides the bridge. Countrys with rivers and dikes or harbors will have such holes in the dike. But without the temporary doors the city or country will be flooded. The wooden shed in the background (pic 2, schotbalkhuisje) is the shelter for the beams to build the doors. Two to make a space to fill it up and make a better closure, barrier name or type=coupure ?

(29 Aug '14, 20:02) Hendrikklaas

not sure about "coupure", which for ME seems an odd name, i prefer emergency_flood barrier

(30 Aug '14, 08:28) andy mackey

I would like barriers to have a web link in the data so that routing apps could check if open/shut before routing.

(30 Aug '14, 09:08) andy mackey

Hi Andy, I disagree, what about the emergency_flood barriers build along the Rhine in case of floods on top of the dikes just to protect the centre of for instance Koln from the flood. Its not the same object, coupure is French for gap or cut, its a hole in a dike not ontop. Shouldnt this be an subject for tagging.

(30 Aug '14, 09:59) Hendrikklaas

Nick which bit do you disagree with? hope you are ok with some of my suggestions for tags, Is coupure a common name in Holland or Europe, if so use it. but in the UK it isn't in common use.

(31 Aug '14, 14:34) andy mackey

Andy, solely emergency_flood barrier, because there a lot different species of emergency_flood barriers. The Measlandkering http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/51.9543/4.1644 and Thames Barrier http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/51.4964/0.0372 We got several more. Or emergency flood_barrier with specific tag for its function and specifics, OSM like.

(31 Aug '14, 16:15) Hendrikklaas
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Hi, I searched at TUD and found the expression stoplog and came across this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coupure, a lock has the same details next to the in case of emergancy and yes the filling makes it a kind of dike with vertical reinforced slopes. Without the coupure and the beams or door, the dike has no use at all !

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answered 11 Sep '13, 11:56

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