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How do I download a map of a city, so that I can draw on a 'walk' and put in a publication?

asked 04 Sep '13, 19:25

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what do you mean by "draw on a 'walk' and put in a publication"? Could you please describe that with more words, it is not clear currently.

(05 Sep '13, 01:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

When I wanted to do a map showing the route to walk from a railway station to a beer festival, I downloaded the area I wanted in JOSM, added a relation for the route (which I didn't upload afterwards), saved that as a .OSM file, then used Maperitive to generate the map. The letters A to D were added on top to allow me to put the directions down the side.

(Before Maperitive, there was Kosmos which produced this earlier version, but Maperitive is better as is the quality of data in OSM).

For larger areas you might need to start with an extract, rather than downloading the area you want.

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answered 05 Sep '13, 08:48

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There are various OSM on Paper web services, including:

  • MapOSMatic (wiki) for high quality city maps including street including an street index
  • Walking Papers (wiki) for a map suitable for collecting information and drawing on them, but the scanning seems to be broken at the moment according to the wiki
  • Field Papers (wiki) which is some kind of successor of Walking Papers
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answered 04 Sep '13, 20:00

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