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It appears from the question that this has been done but I have know I idea where to start

Sorry, I am extremely new to this and dont really know how to do this. all i have done before is add country layer and country points layer and change colors. that is my knowledge at this poing.

I want to build a mbtile file with just country borders and then layers with different languages for the coutnry names. en,es,fr ...

Is there a file I can load somewhere with the different country names or one per language?

asked 03 Sep '13, 12:28

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I am not sure, but it may help if you would mention which programs you are using / which programs you want to use. Where did you do this? "add country layer and country points layer and change colors"

(03 Sep '13, 23:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

I am using tilemill and one of the layers I normal import for country names is

these country names are in english. I would like to have a layer for country names in spanish, german, french.

Is there somewhere out there that has a country points zip file with these language names?

(04 Sep '13, 14:49) jtaylor-inno

Please be sure where your map data comes from ... if I read natural-earth in your import source, then it is a matter of about theit multilingual names. Ask there if you have trouble with their data.

If you want to use raw OSM data or derived maps, maybe have a general look at or

(04 Sep '13, 16:55) stephan75

thanks. I also posted to the natural earth forum to see if they already have these that I can import.

(04 Sep '13, 19:15) jtaylor-inno

All country nodes appear to have a country code tag, either country_code_fips= and/or country_code_iso3166_1_alpha_2= tag, so you can get a file that'd probably work for you via the api. For example, for OSM XML format or;node%5Bcountry_code_fips%5D%3Bout%3B for JSON. Looking at the resulting files, be forewarned you will have to deal with some unusual characters!

You can also view the country names that are on those nodes by language on the Multilingual Country List (German example)

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answered 04 Sep '13, 15:29

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