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While running "./utils/setup.php --index --create-search-indices", I got this error:

Done 19100942 in 44346 @ 430.725250 per second - Rank 30 ETA (seconds): 133549.953125
index_placex: UPDATE failed: ERROR:  value "2226265960" is out of range for type integer
CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT place_id from placex where osm_type='W' and osm_id = substring(relation.members[i],2,200)::integer and rank_search = 26"
PL/pgSQL function "placex_update" line 162 at SQL statement
ERROR: Error executing external command: /var/nominatim/nominatim/nominatim -i -d nominatim -t 7 -r 26

What should I do to fix this?

asked 02 Sep '13, 02:34

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Maybe this is an issue of 64-bit_Identifiers

Please tell us how old your software framework is ... what version number has each component?

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answered 02 Sep '13, 16:43

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I think the problem could be here:

osm_id = substring(relation.members[i],2,200)::integer

osm_id is defined in postgresql as bigint (64-bit) while integer is 32-bit

I've changed that line (and similar ones) in the postgresql procedure to this:

osm_id = substring(relation.members[i],2,200)::bigint

I'll report back when the indexing has finished.

(03 Sep '13, 03:15) mparncutt

The change I mentioned above fixed my problem.

I notice that the latest code for Nominatim in GitHub includes this change, although the latest release (2.0.1) does not.

(04 Sep '13, 05:50) mparncutt

may I ask how long it took to you to complete the 'create-search-indices' step? I ran it 4 days ago for the whole planet and it still working...

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answered 18 Sep '13, 02:17

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It took me about a week. According to the OpenStreetMap wiki it took 10 days on the server for

(18 Sep '13, 02:39) mparncutt

As I also just now stumbled upon this issue (with an EU database) and some searching led me to this question, I would like to add my found references and information, for any other people, wondering about their v.2.0.1-Nominatim's mean behaviour.

It was quite confusing at first because I did not take into account that this could have happened due to a too old Nominatim version. I started following instructions from the wiki which was not too long ago, but everything still was based on a zip including v2.0.1 (which seems to be dated back to the begin of the year). And also, there still are no newer Relase Notes than v2.0.1 in the Github Pages Overview which made me hesitate to try any newer version.

Still, I found that quite old discussion/bug report explaining that there is really a known bug which has been dealt with.

So I continued research and noticed that recently, v2.1.0 has been declared the stable version, includes these important bigint bugfixes, and the basic setup is also properly updated.

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answered 17 Nov '13, 20:04

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