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I have done a couple of restrictions but I am unable to do a No U-turn restriction here. Coming from the south heading north on Monument Drive, there is a no U-turn at Government Center Parkway intersection.

Usually, when I do these restrictions, I get a list of the ways/streets in the drop-down menu (in Potlatch) but in this case, there are no ways/ streets showing at all. Any ideas? Thanks!

asked 31 Aug '13, 03:54

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edited 31 Aug '13, 10:03

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SimonPoole ♦

Ok I tested quickly myself. You need to do this in the advanced mode of P2.

First remove the 2nd turn restriction and the via node in the first turn restriction. Then select the way segment that is currently has the "to" role in the 1st restriction and change that to "via". Once you have done that select the segment that should be the "to" way and click the "Add to" button. You will likely only have one possible selection, the turn restriction in question. Set the role to "to" for the way and you are done.

This is a bit more complicated than normal because of the unnecessary 2nd turn restriction, but is simpler than what the intstructions might look like.

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answered 01 Sep '13, 23:25

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SimonPoole ♦
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Based on the instruction given in one of the past posts, I did the no u-turn via 'way' not via 'node'. Basically followed these:

  1. Split ways inside the intersection as needed.
  2. Ctrl-click (Command-click on Mac) one side of the road, the short section of the cross road to the left of it and the reverse side of the road.
  3. Add all three to a new relationship.
  4. Set relationship to Advanced->Turn restriction.
  5. Set type to No U turns.
  6. Click Members and set roles: to, via and from (have to type).

Now all three ways has the proper designations under Restrictions, i.e. from, via, to.

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answered 02 Sep '13, 02:42

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I suspect that the issue is that you haven't split Monument Drive at the crossing yet.With the result that there are no appropriate road segments for Potlatch to display.

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answered 31 Aug '13, 10:03

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SimonPoole ♦
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edited 31 Aug '13, 10:04

Thank you. I used a wrong tool to split. I have now separated the segments, still cannot make it. WHich Intersection node should I pick (..9001)? Then I want to add the no U-turn restriction. From way ...1397 to ...6658. But 6658 does not show up in the drop down menu, only ..6653 which is a continuation of 6658. (BTW I have read: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Potlatch_2/restrictions but still am unable to make it work). Can you describe step by step how you do it in this case?

(31 Aug '13, 11:00) slover98

IMHO you've started correctly, in the end you should have

way 136291397 as from

way 235936651 as via

way 235936658 as to

I'm not particularly well versed to editing relations with P2 so somebody else might need to jump in here.

(31 Aug '13, 12:24) SimonPoole ♦

alt text

I did the following. First I split the nodes. Then I created the first no u-turn node, where the red and short blue sections intersect. What helps is to select “Show” on the restriction menu so the map shows you which sections of the road are added to the restriction.

The I proceeded to the second node (upper left corner) and again created a no u-turn restriction.

Perhaps this is how it should be done(?)

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answered 31 Aug '13, 13:43

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it is definitely ok to have a way as the via element, so doing it with two relations and two nodes, while probably having the same effect, is a very roundabout way of doing it.

(31 Aug '13, 15:15) SimonPoole ♦

I agree, I just cannot figure out how to do the 'via' element.

(31 Aug '13, 15:19) slover98
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