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I have downloaded five gmapsupp.img files on my Garmin 62s although they have a suffix -1; -2; etc., I have difficulty knowing which is which. Is it possible to rename them so I can identify them on the device so I know which I am enabling / disabling and if so how do I do that?

asked 30 Aug '13, 22:23

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An alternative is to download JaVaWa Device Manager. Click on the "Manage Maps" button to find tools that will allow you to rename the maps on your device.

The stable mate JaVaWa GMTK provides this functionality for managing maps installed on your computer (Mapsource / Basecamp).

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answered 01 Sep '13, 06:39

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I downloaded JaVaWa Device Manager and changed the File names on one of the maps and it did the job, surprisingly easy. Having proved it works I will change the remaining maps. Many thanks for the advice. Regards, J.

(03 Sep '13, 08:04) John099

You device likely does not display the file name, right? Likely it instead displays a name and a description (maybe only in the map details).

Yes, renaming is possible (but not easy for non-computer-experts); see What if I have an existing gmapsupp.img file? in our wiki.

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answered 30 Aug '13, 23:02

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The device shows incremental generic names and I wanted a more specific location names to differentiate them. Using the JaVaWa Device Manager that rovingmedic suggested did the job I wanted and it works well. Thanks for the link. Regards, J.

(03 Sep '13, 08:01) John099

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