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Hi Guys,

I've downloaded shp file for a part of Cuba (Artemisa Province) through I've notice one of the biggest lake/water is missing (coord: -82.875 , 22.925). It is not on any of the different shp. So I tried with another download source,, and it is the same, the lake is missing. However the lake appear on So I tried to edit it on and I could see the polygone with tag "water". Could you please advise me on that matter? How is it possible? Is there a way to download it?

Kind Regards

asked 29 Aug '13, 15:15

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I've investigate a bit more. It seems it's a multipolygone, Is this could be the problem? If yes, what the solution of the problem? Should I edit it by creating a simple polygone?

(29 Aug '13, 15:23) Cedric_uk

not sure the exact issue. might be related to the fact that it's a multipolygon relation:

(29 Aug '13, 15:27) neuhausr

One possibility: the upper way of the multipolygon is a recent edit, so it has the higher (64-bit) IDs. Some tools/software haven't been rewritten to handle these yet (right now, QGIS is the major one), so it could be related to that? More info on this issue at the 64-bit wiki page.

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answered 29 Aug '13, 15:36

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Thx for your interest!!! I didn't use Qgis for the download but and And for them I don't know how they extract the data from OSM. I've just send an email to them to know a bit more about it.

(29 Aug '13, 15:58) Cedric_uk

How are you viewing the shapefiles?

(29 Aug '13, 16:03) neuhausr

Ok I've got more info. I downloaded through them as "free download" they don't do multipolygones. So I think I got the answer of my question. Thx neuhausr for your help.

(29 Aug '13, 16:10) Cedric_uk

I feel stupid to not have understand what you wanted to say.... I used Qgis and MAPublisher 8 on Adobe Illustrator CS4....

(29 Aug '13, 16:32) Cedric_uk

Do you know/recommend a free software on which I could check the shapefile?

(29 Aug '13, 16:35) Cedric_uk

FYI, you can also download the data in OSM format in other ways, like via (Map Layers > Map Data > Retrieve this area from the API), or via XAPI/Overpass (ie - see There are ways to convert OSM to SHP, for example with ogr2ogr I recently used a command like this: ogr2ogr -where "OGR_GEOMETRY='LineString' -lco SHPT=ARC outfile.shp infile.osm. More options here:

(29 Aug '13, 16:45) neuhausr

Ok, thank you very much for your help. BTW I had an answer from and they said they don't do multipolygon on the free download. For the 64bits ID's they say there is no problem.

(30 Aug '13, 12:24) Cedric_uk
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