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Hello, as seen in the link below I am having trouble on the map of my region. Comparing with Google Maps gets more eas understand the problem.

As is seen, a part of the map is missing (problem area), and respectively the streets. Another part of the map is to display blurred (blurred area) respectively and also missing streets.

Does anyone know how to help me solve this problem?

Obs.: location

I thank you

asked 29 Aug '13, 00:19

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Collect the street geometry by gps traces and the street names by pen and notepad (or by waypoints with the gps devices). Note that today's smart phones have a (low quality) gps receiver built in which can be used (you just need a gpx track recording app). In the early days of OSM there was no (or maybe "blurred" landsat imagery) aerial imagery available to be used and all the streets which were added were added by using gps traces. Please also see can-we-get-more-updated-aerial-imagery-from-bing-or-mapquest-or-anything-but-yahoo?

Have a look in the background/aerial imagery menu of the editor you are using if there are other aerial imagery provides (except bing):

Please ensure not to copy google maps or other maps or data sources - unless it is clear, very clear that they are public domain or a special agreement exists.

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answered 29 Aug '13, 01:36

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Bing is available at lower zoom for the area (west) and looks good enough quality for zooming in further unfortunately it disappears when you do. This seems strange.

(29 Aug '13, 12:23) andy mackey

Thanks for the information so far

But for me to update the geometry through GPS I would have to map out street by street, correct?

You can use updated images of Bing? Since the current map Bing is correct for this region

thank you

(04 Sep '13, 07:41) ahdotta

@ahdotta: Yes, to collect info by GPS you need to walk, cycle, drive, … each street. While doing that you can make notes of the street names.

We can only use those bing aerial imagery which you see in our editors. We are not allowed to use anything else from bing (see description). We also cannot really influence which regions in the bing aerial imagery gets updated.

(04 Sep '13, 12:51) aseerel4c26 ♦

When walking those streets with a GPS device you can also take photos or write down additional interesting data like addresses, post boxes and so on in order to contribute other useful information. See the map features for a list.

(04 Sep '13, 14:39) scai ♦

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