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I found a former limestone quarry, which is now (and was) a tourist attraction. How should I map this? Suggestions or a link to good documentation pages on the wiki is very much appreciated.

These are the questions I can't really answer:

  • the disused=landuse; landuse=quarry seems strange to use on a landuse? Any alternatives?
  • Is there a relation I can use to connect the aerialway, viewpoints, tourism center and the limestone quarry pit in some way
  • tagging for the lake that forms in quarries.
  • very often a mine is not just a mine, but also processes the goods in some way. Does anyone know how to map that for lime quarries?

asked 31 Jan '11, 12:40

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Jonathan Ben...

I would tag that as landuse=disused, disused=quarry and would add (if appropriate) tourism=attraction and a name tag.

There is no need to use a relation to connect the different feature as Openstreetmap is a database of geographic information which are already connected by virtue of their position.

If there are lakes they are probably natural=water unless they were created on purpose then they might be landuse=reservoir and should probably inner areas of a multipolygon.

The processing facilities are most likely landuse=industrial and building=yes.

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answered 01 Feb '11, 20:54

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But I'm not convinced about the dissused tag.. :-(

(02 Feb '11, 13:37) emj

It's not really elegant, but it is widely used and doesn't break data consumers which don't understand the "disused" concept. The alternative is disused=yes but that breaks every data users that doesn't know about this tag because it will assume that there still is a quarry which is plain wrong.

Of course a nice 4d database (latitude, longitude and elevation plus a time range) would be cool but that is way beyond the current scope of Openstreetmap.

(02 Feb '11, 16:54) petschge

We already have a time element to some degree with object history. Granted this isn't particularly useful until OSM is more complete.

(02 Feb '11, 17:43) Baloo Uriza

More the question about if this is a landuse=quarry even if it is disused. It can be very hard to spot an non active quarry.

(03 Feb '11, 18:51) emj

Sure. Disused quarries range from indistinguishable from an active quarry to indistinguishable from a natural valley. It's hard to define precise lines what to tag as landuse=quarry, what as landuse=disused and what as natural=valley. Perhaps there is even a man_made=valley in between.

(03 Feb '11, 19:09) petschge

Aaah. man_made=valley extra points for that one.. :-)

(05 Feb '11, 13:24) emj
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My one issue with disused/abandoned quarries, that have been left for a long time and hence are now covered in vegetation, is that the choice of tagging becomes a bit binary,

You either have the landuse=quarry be dominant, so the rendering shows it as a quarry OR you have historic=quarry landuse=scrub type of tags, which renders as scrub.

It would be nice to have rendering showing the area being a quarry AND scrub, as both are correct.

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answered 15 Nov '22, 13:17

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