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I have downloaded latest .pbf files for arizona ans washington regions. I converted them to .osm files using osmconvert(windows platform) and I extracted sub regions from them using bounding box command. When I open those output files in Globalmapper road networks are coming like irregular multiple radial lines crossing through other features.

I could not find where the problem occurs. Could you please help? alt text

asked 28 Aug '13, 09:53

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Try using the option --drop-broken-refs on osmconvert when you extract a bounding box. It is possible that GlobalMapper has problems when a way includes references to nodes that are not contained in the extract; this option will remove those references.

Having said that, I have seen other people having similar issues with GlobalMapper even when their data had full referential integrity; you'd probably have to check with the makers of GlobalMapper then because it is a malfunction on their part.

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answered 28 Aug '13, 10:16

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Hi Frederik,

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried using the option as u said, but still the problem exists. Yeah...this could be due to GlobalMapper incapability. could u please suggest me what are other enviroments which support osm. i have ArcGIS desktop with me please let me know how to open in this environment.

(28 Aug '13, 10:55) Phanindra

This is most probably a bug in GlobalMapper.

My first suggestion would be to ask GlobalMapper support (as you seem to have a registered version).

Even before that, update the version - the current version is 14.2!

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answered 29 Aug '13, 11:26

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