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When I want to save a change, I get this error message:

File not found

Couldn't find a file/directory/API operation by that name on the OpenStreetMap server (HTTP 404)

Feel free to contact the OpenStreetMap community if you have found a broken link / bug. Make a note of the exact URL of your request.

Linux, Firefox 23.0.1. The addons NoScript und RequestPolicy are allowing all requests.

Edit: Same when both addons are disabled.

asked 28 Aug '13, 08:27

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edited 28 Aug '13, 08:33


You need to indicate which editor (P1/P2/iD) you were using. You don't say so explicitly but I assume you were editing with one of the online editors and saving your changes.

(28 Aug '13, 11:07) SimonPoole ♦

You should also specify if you are behind a proxy.

(28 Aug '13, 12:02) Pieren

I have the same problem (editor ID), firefox23.

(03 Sep '13, 07:11) Christian

Yeah, same error here on iD, Firefox 23.0.1, no proxies. I "solved" by using Chromium (27.0.1453.93)...

(20 Sep '13, 19:11) Nemo_bis

Same problem here. iD, FF 24.0, Adblock Plus disabled, NoScript allows all requests.

(25 Oct '13, 14:13) subhash_at

Is this happening some of the time? All of the time?

If there is an iD bug the place to report is on github at

permanent link

answered 26 Oct '13, 04:38

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Yes, all the time without exceptions.

(07 Nov '13, 08:32) Nemo_bis

add RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES=true like below: RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES=true RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails server --binding=

permanent link

answered 31 Dec '20, 14:05

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Micheal Chen
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