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If I tick "community wiki" box when I ask a question how is it dealt with?

asked 31 Jan '11, 11:19

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andy mackey
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edited 06 Jun '12, 16:48

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"Community Wiki posts work by transferring ownership of the post from the original author to the community. They make the post easier to edit and maintain by a wider group of users, but they do not contribute to any user's reputation."

That's from 'What are “Community Wiki” posts?' on meta stackoverflow <-- see this link for much more detail.

Note: The help.openstreetmap.org site uses OSQA which is not the exact same software as stackoverflow, but it's very similar and I think everything in the above linked answer applies to the way community wiki mode works here. One important difference is that stackoverflow actually no longer offers this option to people asking questions. I guess they decided it creates too much confusion, and in fact there's no good reason for the author of a question to put it in this mode themselves. See also When to mark the 'community wiki' checkbox on a new question? (Answer: mostly don't do it) However there are useful reasons for a question to transition into community wiki mode

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answered 06 Jun '12, 18:09

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Harry Wood
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If you hover over the checkbox it says (at least in Opera): "if you choose community wiki option, the question and answer do not generate points and name of author will not be shown"

I'm guessing that as I can see your name you didn't check it in this case?

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answered 31 Jan '11, 11:37

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EdLoach ♦
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I have asked questions some with and some without box ticked all show my name,I've looked at my other questions and some are marked community wiki thanks for reply

(31 Jan '11, 11:51) andy mackey

I get no karma from my question about generating maps with political borders which is marked as comunity wiki. I don't think you should use that option.

(31 Jan '11, 12:50) emj

When checking this box (just experienced it), you allow other users to edit your question, fix typos, reformulate in better terms. But don't worry, you can see the revisions.

This question is marked "community wiki". Feel free to edit it.

Useful for non-native English speakers ;-)

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answered 01 Apr '12, 10:22

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