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I added some POIs to OSM. Does Google index the info that I entered in these POIs so that this info will some time show up in Google searches? E.g. notes, address data?

asked 25 Aug '13, 17:14

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Daniel Venema
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It does. example for "browse" pages and one for user edit lists (add your name to that search terms, separated by a space). By the way: there is not only google! Other search engines do the same.

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answered 25 Aug '13, 17:30

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Note that this does not mean that OSM data gets copied into Google Maps; indexing is a very different thing.

(26 Aug '13, 00:36) Vincent de P... ♦

Well, we can't really rule that out either, suspicious mass imports to Google Maps apparently using OSM data have happened enough times in the past that legal really should be considering a C&D to get them in compliance with our license.

(02 Sep '13, 19:19) Baloo Uriza

I find mixed results with Google indexing my ways and POIs. I searched for several unique names which were entered into OSM over one year ago, and Google does not find all of them, although it does have several POIs and ways indexed.

I can only infer that it does not crawl and index the entire set of OSM Changesets as they are created.

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answered 26 Aug '13, 03:11

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Mike N
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