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Is there any agreement on how to map an electric vehicle charging point? Searching for questions matching 'electric vehicle charging' produces only two related questions, both from January 2011 and neither giving a clear answer.

asked 25 Aug '13, 10:07

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edited 17 Apr '17, 20:19

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi, I think using a node tagged 'amenity=charging_station' is the preferred way. See this page in the wiki On the Map Features wiki the tag 'amenity=ev_charging' has a comment about "don't use" Graham

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answered 25 Aug '13, 11:13

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Thank you for your reply; that is the tag that I have used. However, I am a little confused because one answer to a previous question ( offered the link, which apparently links to the same site, and was voted down three times, unfortunately without explanation.

(25 Aug '13, 11:33) Madryn

Now I'm really confused. The link in my previous comment leads to an empty page. The link in the answer from which I copied it leads to a page like the one that NZGraham recommended. Perhaps I also need some help with using the world wide web?

(25 Aug '13, 11:38) Madryn

Taginfo shows that more mappers are using "amenity=charging_station" than the other amenity suggestion; but amenity=fuel; fuel:electricity isn't far behind in usage, although most of the values are "no".

(25 Aug '13, 11:40) SomeoneElse ♦

Please, dont forget the vehicle tag, a bike point wont do for a car.

(25 Aug '13, 11:54) Hendrikklaas

@Madryn When you enter a comment OSQA (the OSM help site software) includes closing commas in the URL. I've fixed it by converting the comment to an answer, editing the answer to add the links explicitly rather than automatically, and then converting it back to a comment.

(25 Aug '13, 11:56) SomeoneElse ♦

That looks like a consensus to me. Thank you all for your help.

(26 Aug '13, 20:56) Madryn
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