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Two edits I made have become "crossed" - the details (comment) in one have been saved to the other. How can I revert these changes once they are saved out.

asked 25 Aug '13, 01:20

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It's not immediately clear what you mean - what are the changeset numbers and what are the problems?

(25 Aug '13, 01:21) SomeoneElse ♦

@danieldaniel: (extending SomeoneElse:) To enable others to help you in this specific case (revert), please mention the number of the changeset (if you can specify one object that needs to be reverted). Describe what needs to be reverted (and maybe why). See list of your changesets.

(25 Aug '13, 01:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

I got a mail from danieldaniel, will continue/discuss there (not really something to revert anyway) and maybe post results / info for others with the same problem here.

(25 Aug '13, 13:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

Changeset comments (and all other changeset tags) cannot be changed afterwards by users. Unfortunately they can only be changed by manual database edits by the system admins (and that is not done under normal circumstances since it is taking too much time). If the comment would be very misleading then another edit to the relevant objects could be made with a correcting comment.

For general changeset reversion (the changes to the data), see how-can-i-revert-a-changeset. However, all known methods for this are not easy and should only be done with former experience with the used tool.

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answered 25 Aug '13, 01:48

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