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Is there a possibility to automatically make a map from the shape of lakes and ground of the bing map? E.g. for the northern areas in Canada.

asked 24 Aug '13, 17:12

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I would like to do Ellesmere Island but maybe thats too complicated for me in the moment. I will go there next year and would like to have a general map from ground and lakes.

(26 Aug '13, 03:43) ivolino

There are automatic (with manual checking and correcting of course) tools for tracing large features like waterways or streets from aerial imagery (like the one supplied by bing). See Vectorisation_software#Software.

However (my educated guesses), those tools are not easy to use, it is hard to do it good. Junk imports and undiscussed (with a large audience) automated edits are frowned upon. First get to know JOSM and then, after some time editing, you could think of using those semi-automated tools.

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answered 24 Aug '13, 20:27

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The JOSM plugin scanaerial is fairly usable, once you've tweaked it for you particular area. Beause tweaking takes time, it's only worth it if you have alot of similar surfaces in the same area. for example has been done with the help of scanaerial.

(26 Aug '13, 00:16) Vincent de P... ♦

This is likely to be coming soon to iD: see Tom MacWright's blogpost.

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answered 24 Aug '13, 21:53

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Ah, yes, right, I read about it, thanks for the link. Whatever the workflow will be then... Or will we have masses of badly done automated traces from newbies? ;-)

(24 Aug '13, 23:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

OMG, that's wonderful! What a treat for mappers that will be. MY experiences with iD, however, have not been rewarding enough for me to switch from JOSM.

(20 Sep '13, 04:05) AlaskaDave

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