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Hello all, I have downloaded data for Great Britain and Ireland from Geofabrik. However, Ireland data includes northern Ireland. How do I get those two seperately? Cloudmade has the data seperated but it looks to be different (less data there, i.e. rivers, residential streets, etc...) even thought the data I downloaded from Geofabrik is much older. So, I really not sure I can trust that data since I been downloading from Geofabrik all this time.

I realize I can do some stuff programatically to look for data within a boundary to seperate ireland and northern ireland. However, I am not setup that way right now. I am setup to process data one country at a time. Northern Ireland should really be a part of UK, shouldn't it?

Any help would be appreciated.

asked 23 Aug '13, 16:12

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Geofabrik extracts tend to go by geography rather than politics (hence various overseas territories having their own files, or things like "South Africa and Lesotho"). It's useful to some and less useful to others. If you can't be bothered to set up your own splitting (which would require one of the programs osmosis or osmconvert, as well as two country polygons to use for cutting - you'd want to make them overlap a bit in along the border) then you might want to try the bbbike extract service where you can doodle an area onto the map and then have exactly that cut out for you.

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answered 23 Aug '13, 16:46

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Thank you Frederik. I was hoping I did not have to do that but seems like I must!

(23 Aug '13, 17:10) kcjailbirds

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