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When i started using OpenStreetMap, OpenID did not exist. Nowadays i use OpenID to login in many sites. Since OpenStreetMapp also supports OpenID. I'd like to use it with my existing account. The email i used to create OpenStreetMap account is different than the one i am using for OpenID. How can i associate these two accounts?

asked 18 Aug '13, 04:47

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To associate an openID with your existing OSM account, you log in to your existing OSM account as always and then go to your account details page. There you will see an OpenID text box under password where you can add your OpenID address.

If you happen to be using a Google account as your OpenID, which uses "cryptic" URLs, you can just type "" or "" as your openID in that box and once you hit save it goes through the OpenID process to determine your true one which is then saved. I think this works with some other generic URLs as well, like

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answered 20 Aug '13, 03:34

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I found the OpenID box, and i use google account. so when i type or in the box and save. It says please enter a valid url.

(20 Aug '13, 04:37) amritkarma

Oh, sorry, I see that no longer works. You now have to specify, as the web form now requires a "valid" URL and officially leaving off the http is not a valid URL.

(22 Aug '13, 03:07) apmon

If you wish to associate a Google Account the URL endpoint is:

If you have logged in with multiple accounts, after you save your modification, you will be prompted to choose one of them.

(18 Oct '14, 19:21) gsdefender

Maybe in the OSM wiki there is a hint?

see OpenID

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answered 19 Aug '13, 16:52

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Sorry, there is noting there.

(20 Aug '13, 04:33) amritkarma

so do we need an update on the mentioned wiki page, with the hints that apmon gave within the other answer?

(20 Aug '13, 16:17) stephan75

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