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I have just started to map and upload the cycle routes in my town. I'm tagging them as highway=cycle way and highway=pedestrian. They show on the standard OSM map layer but not on the cycle way layer. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

asked 16 Aug '13, 18:00

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Could you give an example of your tagging either by giving the exact tags used or by providing a link to the area? Cycling routes (as opposed to cycling ways) are often mapped with relations, which might be quite tricky for a beginner. Also, the tag is highway=cycleway (no space) and it can't be used on the SAME way as highway=pedestrian.

(19 Aug '13, 16:37) Chaos99

I've been using "highway=cycleway" and "highway=pedestrian" as tags via the GoMap! App on my iPad. It appears many more tags could be added if one wanted to. The path is a non-motorized path open to all through Moab, Utah.

At my last check the path I uploaded now appears to be on the OSM cycle map. Thanks for your comments and willingness to help me out as I learn.

(19 Aug '13, 22:34) NateR

Thank you for your comment @NateR! As you did see there are several maps based on OSM and each behaves differently. We do care for the correctness of the data, not that much about how it looks like in some specific map (that is because there are many, any each can be tweaked independently to interpret our data).

(19 Aug '13, 23:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, likely you did not wait long enough. "The map is updated every few days with the latest data from OpenStreetMap" opencyclemap.org/docs On top of that it could happen that you need to refresh/clear your browser's cache (or wait longer).

See that question: when-does-a-change-get-updated-on-the-opencyclemap

PS: Welcome to OSM!

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answered 16 Aug '13, 18:52

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