Someone named Richard says the question is closed because the problem has been fixed but I still have only the Bing background map. This started yesterday (Friday) sometime in the mid afternoon and I have not been able to edit since??

asked 29 Jan '11, 13:20

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TomH ♦♦

I have had the same problem using my desktop machine which I have used previously. Then tried my laptop which worked fine. Back to the desktop still not working. Tried logging out and back in - no different. Tried selecting a Map Style - no different. The browser has only recently been re-started. Now 15:50 GMT Saturday.

(29 Jan '11, 15:53) emjayh

This is probably caused by Potlatch failing to load the stylesheet because your browser has cached the old stylesheet list.

You should clear your browser cache or bypass cache when loading potlatch. How to do it depends on your browser. For all major browsers it is well described on this wikipedia page.

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answered 29 Jan '11, 16:11

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TomH ♦♦

Thank you for the wikipedia link. Using Firefox bypassing the cache with Shift Reload didn't work so I used Tools, Clear Recent History and removed all of today's cache. Now working again. Help appreciated. Mike

(29 Jan '11, 16:27) emjayh

Cleared the cache of Chrome browser and it now works fine.Thanks for the tip

(29 Jan '11, 17:55) discus277

Same here also using Chrome. Thanks.

(30 Jan '11, 05:09) barte
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