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I know, I should have saved my edits more often. I have an absolutely huge edit in Potlatch that I would like to salvage. The failure message is "Precondition failed: Cannot create way: data is invalid." I was able to save the data using the View Data button, but I'm not sure what to do with it now. I did some looking around and this appears to be a zero length way bug. I'd love more information on how to recognize that to remove it from the change set, but the more important issue is how to upload from data. I'd be happy to work on this way by way to find and remove the offending way, but I do need a way to upload the rest of the changeset once I've fixed it.

I have tinkered with JOSM and a few others but I just didn't find them as easy to use for me as Potlatch. I have downloaded JOSM but I don't see any place to just enter changeset data. I'm not very familiar with this program, so I will need detailed instructions.

Thank you very much!

asked 14 Aug '13, 08:22

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I've had this problem before and found the instructions in this post quite useful.

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answered 14 Aug '13, 13:55

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That worked perfectly! The only hitch was sorting through the ways to find the one without nodes, but I eventually got it. Thank you!

(14 Aug '13, 18:57) FrozenFlame22

an advandtage of JOSM, its enables you to select / vieuw untagged ways, before the upload.

(15 Aug '13, 13:38) Hendrikklaas

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