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Last time i use the website to download the file in OSM, however today I want to download somewhere's detail osm file, I couldn't get it.

please help me how to get the osm file


asked 13 Aug '13, 08:23

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A recent UI change has removed the old "export" tab. Currently, the link is now in the left-hand side bar under the "Data" heading. Or go directly to "Export Data".

permanent link

answered 13 Aug '13, 08:55

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Hi Frederik,

Thanks for your early reply. As shown in the attached screendump (1) the link under "Data" heading does not generate any option to select an export format,amongst others the XML format which expect to use in Maperitive.

The same action as by clicking the (old) export button happens: opening the weblink in Chrome / Firefox. Nothing happens further on.

Can you advise an other remedy?

Thanks in advance. Peter

1: screenshot 1    This is the link which is waiting (idle): screenshot 2

(14 Aug '13, 00:32) Goudkust

@Goudkust: Which "format" at you looking for? And for the non-responding page: did you try a very small (zoom in) part? Same result?

(14 Aug '13, 01:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

The area shown in the picture is quite large. Thus you should rather use a read-only mirror. Replace in the URL by

Both requests give the same data, but the latter is usually faster.

(14 Aug '13, 08:20) Roland Olbricht

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