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I wanna add some speed camera points, but couldn't find special point in Potlatch 2 editor, only can write "speed_camera" manually. Is there any better way to add speed cam point to the map? Or may be it's even possible to add an icon "speed camera" ?

asked 12 Aug '13, 23:28

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aseerel4c26 ♦

highway=speed_camera is the tag you would use. See that link for the tag documentation on the wiki.

This tag is not within the "presets" of Potlatch 2, so you have to add it manually on the advanced tab yes ('unknown' tags in potlatch 2)

It's also not an icon showing up within the editor, or the 'standard' map style.

It may be worth adding it to the data anyway. I know some users put this data to use, at least on their custom generated garmin maps. Oh and there is an online map of speed cameras here (thanks escada)

Speed camera mapping raises some moral questions actually. Are we helping people break the speed limit by mapping such things? It may even present legal problems. In some countries you're not supposed to have maps or satnavs which know where speed cameras are. I'm not sure if that's the reason we don't include it on the standard map style, but we do refrain from showing lots of POI types as icons, just because there are many POI types.

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answered 13 Aug '13, 17:49

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Harry Wood
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Thanks for your answer. It's just pity, that I can't make my Osmand navigator show these tags, cause it's legal in my country, we even have government website, where you can find all cameras. It would be very comfortable if you could highligth these POI right on your smartphone while driving =) I tried to show POI "speed_cameras" but when it enabled, only some of them are shown =(

(13 Aug '13, 20:39) Brianak

With regard to Osmand, you might be better off asking in the Google Group for it:!forum/osmand

(13 Aug '13, 20:42) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi ad enforcement - maxspeed that will do, by hand manually yes. And theres no fixed picture for it yet. To clarify make a node in P2 (green dot} and ad in the advanced menu these in keys and values enforcement - maxspeed name - myway maxspeed – 50 highway – speed_camera type – enforcement note – place Take also a look here

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answered 13 Aug '13, 00:03

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Could you expand on that - what does "Hi ad enforcement" mean?

(13 Aug '13, 00:04) SomeoneElse ♦

To avoid misunderstandings please look here for these group of tags and values.

(13 Aug '13, 00:11) Hendrikklaas

As an alternative you could write these tags clearly in your message. There is a well-established scheme when mentioning tags, key=value. Please keep to it. This is very irritating, especially for new users.

(13 Aug '13, 06:33) scai ♦

Thanks a lot, will try to do my best, and hope that soon it will be fixed picture (or better special tag) for it.

(13 Aug '13, 12:58) Brianak

You can use this map for now. It displays all enforcements:

(13 Aug '13, 17:28) escada

Thanks, but I wanna use it on my smartphone while driving (and navigating).

(13 Aug '13, 20:41) Brianak
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