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Good afternoon to everyone , i am Gaston and i live in Argentina

i have an Android device and i found myself very happy with OSM

so i want to start to bring something , but i don't have any idea on how to edit the map of my country

please, can someone give me a tutorial ?

PD: remember, it is for Android (to start with something)

PD 2: if you can recommend me a GPS app for android where i can use the map i edit , i will be very grateful

thank you all

asked 10 Aug '13, 23:03

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There is currently no beginners editor for Android and it would seem unlikely that you would want to start off doing that. The best approach is to collect data/information with your device and then edit (on a desktop or laptop PC) with iD, P2 or JOSM.

For dedicated data collection I would recommend OSMTracker for Android (is in the market).

If you do want to edit you can use Vespucci, which does support Presets (the same ones as JOSM does), however you should be aware that the version in the market is rather dated. There is likely to be a new release soon, in the mean time you can use the beta version (mainly missing some translations compared to a relase version) from https://code.google.com/p/osmeditor4android/downloads/list

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answered 11 Aug '13, 09:11

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First of all: welcome! :-)

Disclaimer: I don't use an Android device myself - others may give a better answer. However: See Android OSM editing software in our docu wiki. I think Vespucci is the most popular one. However, I do not know how beginner-friendly it is. It seems (judging from screenshots) that it has no tag presets. Which means that you need to add the tags manually - you can look them up in our wiki.

You may also like OsmAnd for just displaying maps and recording tracks (and doing basic editing).

Also see our beginner's guide in general. Have fun and don't copy from other maps! :-)

Please add an own answer if you finally found a app which suits your needs. You may also add comments to my answer.

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answered 11 Aug '13, 00:08

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A very easy and simple POI editor is Wheelmap or Mapzen POI Editor. If you want to try a little more complex one I can recommend vespucci.

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answered 11 Aug '13, 13:14

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