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There are numerous Rivers/streams not on the map, if I dont know from any source, river or stream, would it be wrong to add these to the map, if not how do I tag? thanks.

asked 10 Aug '13, 16:49

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Burton wanderer
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Well, what is your source at all? If you know that these rivers or streams are missing, you need to know them in reality?!

(10 Aug '13, 17:50) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks all, will take up your advice,will have to do more web searches, thanks again.

(11 Aug '13, 16:55) Burton wanderer

I assume you have good Bing coverage, you are in the UK? and can see the waterways on that? but you are not sure if they are a river or stream and their names? my usual method is to trace them from bing. I tag them according to size, they don't have to be named, but river names are fairly common knowledge, streams you need to tap some local knowledge. The old legal to use,OS NPE background should give up some names as well just don't offend copyright by copying from other maps. One point if roads and footpaths cross the streams give bridges some thought. you may be able see them on bing. I usually only add waterways I have crossed while walking and can see how they are connected. If they are wider than 6 meters I do a riverbank polygon. The rendered water will then look much more accurate when rendered.

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answered 11 Aug '13, 08:24

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People often include names of streams on local walks. If you do a web search something like "brook near theolbalds lane" you will likely come up with a page that mentions Theobalds Brook. OK, a fairly guessable name but they are not always. But it doesn't stop there. Further searches will likely show that the brook flows into something else, which you can identify on OSM or bing and check to see if its named.

You shouldn't necessarily assume web pages are correct though. One such page reckoned Theobalds Brook ran into the New River (and OSM at the time also showed it as doing that). I'd been there a few days earlier and remembered seeing the New River was much higher than the brook. It could not possibly flow into the New River. If anything, the New River would flow into the brook, but I was sure it did not do that.

I also remembered seeing a small bridge on the footpath running on the other side of the river. Sure enough, I found that the river flows under the New River and out the other side, invisible to Bing because it runs through woodland and then under a major road, after which it again becomes traceable for several miles further. So, there's no substitute for visiting the area and checking it out if you can.

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answered 11 Aug '13, 12:24

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As you probably know the New River was man made to supply water to London so that may explain some oddities, although it runs roughly parallel to the river Lee or Lea from Ware to Waltham Abbey.

(11 Aug '13, 16:46) andy mackey

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