The pages dsplayed at "" has a small problem isible on the French version : some h4 elements are aligned in the second column, because the h4 section above it takes two lines but the infos displayed on the next column only takes one line.

Note that h4 does not use a standard "display:block" but a "display:inline-block" which means tht it won't fill the rest of the line, but it may still contain line-wraps when its content does not for in the margins of the colum. The HTML structure is:

<div id="browse-section">
        <h4>Displayed header1</h4>
        <p>Displayed value1</p>
    <!-- ... -->
        <h4>Displayed header2</h4>
        <p>Displayed value2</p>

The bug occurs for the (too long) header "Dans le groupe de modification" (in English, this is "In changeset" which fits on a single line) which requires two lines in French (possibly other languages as well) when the value is just a single value. The next section just below it (displaying the value of the changeset comment with the header being "Commentaire") is then incorrectly formatted.

To fix this presentation bug, you just need to add this simple CSS rule:

.browse-section>div {
    clear: left;

This forces the current flowing position to be below the height of the displayed lines of the header (when they wraps).

asked 10 Aug '13, 15:26

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closed 10 Aug '13, 17:26

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Richard ♦

The github is not accessible. I give it here so that is seen by someone having access to it. I do not expect a response and trhis site is the "HELP and SUPPORT" site, and NOT specific for asking questions. I ask for HELP to maintainers of the OSM site, even if this does not interest YOU, it interests others.

(12 Aug '13, 10:32) Verdy_p

And stop replying with such JUNK. You're not useful at all and you desserve the project when playng the role of the censor here !

(12 Aug '13, 10:43) Verdy_p

Bug reports don't belong here. Just go to create a separate account and start a new issue.

(12 Aug '13, 11:01) scai ♦

My comment was both a question to site developers or people working with them, and an answer to the problem (I give the solution). It was and it is still accurate in the symtiom description and in the solution. You may think it is not important if you use the Englihs locale, both others will think differently. At least ou should have checked the problem and seen it by yourself instead of closing it stupidly without even looking at it.

(12 Aug '13, 11:11) Verdy_p

What you wrote is a very good bug report. Unfortunately, bug reports are not the topic of this help-q&a-site. See the FAQ for this site, where bug reports are specifically mentioned as not belonging on this site ( ). This is the reason your "question" was closed. If you had been nicer in your wording, probably someone would have been willing to transfer your report to github.

(12 Aug '13, 11:49) gormo

I was nice in my message, but the response that was given to me was clearly non nice. This Help site is the only one diredtly relected to the OSM site. There's NO place directly linked to discuss its own bugs except THIS one. My message was bith a HELP request to have the issue solved, and was also providing HELP/ANSWER on how to fix it. This came here because I cannot fix it myself, and someone must consider it. Totally on topic, Why do you think that people must only give questions to you (those that interest you as you were were alone to decide what to do)?

(12 Aug '13, 13:54) Verdy_p

Why do you want to fragment what is in fact help and support? Closing the issue was not the good reply to do. Adding in addition a negative point was then aggressive. Thnik more globally, please.

(12 Aug '13, 13:59) Verdy_p
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Please use github or trac for bug reports; this site is for questions and answers" by Richard 10 Aug '13, 17:26

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