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For a small community website I want to display POIs which are dynamically loaded from a webserver backend. This POI data does not come from OSM. When the map is zoomed or the focused region is changed, new POI data should be loaded from the server which replaces the old POIs. The POI images are a custom images. When a POI is clicked, then a pop-over should be shown with some (aribitrary) details of the POI.

Other requirements:

I think this is very straight forward stuff which is very common and often seen on various websites. Thus, before I start from "scratch" building a solution with OpenLayers I have done some research of existing solutions but interestingly, I have only found FacilMap ( which supports many map providers, as well as Nominatim.

Are there any other projects which offer the feature range described above?


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Maybe you can also have a look at the framework leaflet.

This solution is now used for the main site as well.

You can find some examples and documentation at its mentioned website.

Elswise I can only recommend to browse the OSM wiki to find website solutions fitting your aims, and try to recycle some code. There is a listing of websites using OSM related frameworks.

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I have experimented with leaflet over the weekend and it is pretty solid and easy to use. At the moment I am still trying to get dynamic loading of markers to get work.

(12 Aug '13, 05:49) hynx

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