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What is the best way to edit the plymouth retail area. The red area around plymouth town centre is very inaccurate and covers areas that are not even retail districts. Is it best to delete the current area and then redraw the corrects areas?

asked 28 Jan '11, 10:19

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Here you mean?

In general I would say, if you see something that's wrong, feel free to dive in and fix it. You've seen the area and you know the area, so go for it.

What's actually happened here is that TimSC has slapped in the landuse=retail area quickly and crudely. It says source=landsat, though how he can tell that an area is retail from fuzzy landsat imagery is beyond me, and the area has Yahoo coverage, so why use landsat? So yes... way:40862740. Just delete it.

Different people have adopted different approaches to mapping landuse within cities (Open questions) I tend to think of landuse as a fairly broad brush-stroke designation of types of areas, while building=yes and shop type tags can be used for the fine grained detail. So I'd say this bit of landuse around Armada way is probably a bit finicky and detailed for landuse area, and should swapped to building=yes, with a single wider encompassing landuse=retail area.

But yes the big messy area to the south is at the other extreme, and should just be deleted to make way for more careful landuse mapping.

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answered 28 Jan '11, 10:44

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Harry Wood
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edited 28 Jan '11, 11:50

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Jonathan Ben...

Thanks for the advice Harry. I think i will go ahead and dive right in and fix the issues and make the area generally tidier and accurate to give a better impression of what actually exists. Hopefully it make the area easier to use. Its a real shame that it has been placed crudely as it just makes the area look messy and unrealistic

Thanks again for the advice

(28 Jan '11, 11:33) mark29

Looking a lot better now I see. Nicely done!

(21 Apr '11, 10:30) Harry Wood

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