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Hi a man made pier is mostly build over water. I did not find a trace, hint nor a pier with the tag 1. A bridge gets layer 1, shouldn’t a man made pier be tagged layer 1 ?

asked 06 Aug '13, 22:54

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Well, there is some logic to what you ask. However, the general consensus is that certain features are always "background", and are to be drawn behind everything else, without the need for layer.

Examples for "background features":

  • landuse
  • natural (when used for areas)
  • highway (when used for areas, though it is drawn above landuse or natural)

So since the water is implicitly "background", there's no need to give the pier a layer.

For example, the wiki explains:

Waterways (waterway=*) do not normally need to be tagged with a layer and are generally rendered as if they flow underneath built features. [...] Landuses, such as parks and woods should not normally be tagged with a layer.

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answered 06 Aug '13, 23:21

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… but it also does not harm to tag it explicitly, does it? I think the transition between implicit assumptions (by some more/most renderers) and trying to correct the most prevalent errors (by some/many renderers) is continuous (e.g. what is about smaller landuse areas on top of bigger landuse areas?). The comparison with a a bridge sounds reasonable.

(06 Aug '13, 23:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

A pier is similar to a bridge. But whereas bridges can have other roads beneath them, piers usually don't. Nevertheless adding the layer tag won't harm, that's true.

(07 Aug '13, 06:26) scai ♦

Hmm, yes. Depending on the type of support (many or just a few big poles) below the pier some small boats could pass through.

(07 Aug '13, 14:26) aseerel4c26 ♦

That's an interesting issue. But for tagging if and which boats can pass through additional tags are required (height, width, draught).

(07 Aug '13, 14:50) scai ♦

Well strictly speaking the layer tag is relative, so what value is used will depend on what else is mapped (or is planned to be mapped) under or over it.

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answered 07 Aug '13, 15:29

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