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When sending an OpenStreetMap URL to somebody, how can i add a marker for them?

asked 07 Jul '10, 16:08

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First option: openstreetmap.org

Within the "Share" menu on the OpenStreetMap website you will find a checkbox labelled "Include marker". The placement of the marker can be changed using drag & drop. Share the marked location by copying the "Link" or "Short link" from the field below the checkbox.

This option has the advantage of working directly on the main OpenStreetMap site and requires no external tools.

(Note: This section was edited to reflect new features introduced to the OpenStreetMap website. It originally suggested manually editing the URL.)

Second option: external services

http://m.osmtools.de/ provides a simple graphical interface for placing a marker.

umap is an Open Source solution that offers map customization options far beyond simple markers. This is probably the most advanced hosted offering in the OSM ecosystem.

Another rather sophisticated service is offered by ESRI:
OpenStreetMap is just one of several available base maps.

Third option: self-hosted map

The OSM SlippyMap Generator "Easymap" provides a wide range of options for configuring a map. Note that it outputs maps that you embed into a web page, so you will need some webspace!

You can find the tool here:

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answered 10 Jul '10, 09:31

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The first option is very ugly and inaccessibe for non geeks. There should be "place a marker" link instaed.

(02 Jul '11, 14:44) gorn

The mlat/mlon solution can be started with double clicking the desired place, so it will be centered first.

(02 Aug '11, 20:14) kempelen

Documentation can be found in the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Browsing#Adding_a_Marker

(03 Aug '11, 22:04) mmehl

this is outdated information

(20 Aug '13, 11:02) gorn

@gorn: which? The wiki page is updated. This answer too.

(20 Aug '13, 12:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

thanks for update, it is fine now.

(20 Aug '13, 12:37) gorn

Alas, no way to get a second marker...

(21 Apr '19, 05:06) jidanni
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Since July 2013 you can create one marker on the slippy map on http://www.openstreetmap.org by using the share menu on the right panel and then check "Include marker". Then move the marker to the desired position and copy the link in the small text box below in the right panel.

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answered 08 Aug '13, 15:38

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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meta: a general problem with this help page - how to deal with outdated answers? Except editing by the original creator, or by users with a high karma (wrong attribution then), ... And where is the meta discussion? ;-) Yes, we can/should delete this (and responding comments) afterwards.

(08 Aug '13, 15:57) aseerel4c26 ♦

If you only need a static image of the rendered OpenStreetMap (i.e. without zooming and panning), have a look at http://dev.openstreetmap.de/staticmap/ and try the wizard mode to get a URL to a freshly generated picture which you can use in any web page. The wizard letzs you place multiple markers.

More information may be here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Static_map_images

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answered 12 Jul '10, 17:30

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edited 20 Jul '10, 22:25

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Frederik Ramm ♦


Be sure to add the correct attribution though

(12 Jul '10, 17:56) Matt Williams

found a new one:

have a look at http://geojson.io and read its help text. You can draw geometries, display markers according to coordinate tables, overlay GPX or KML data, and finally share your map even privately.

(07 Jun '14, 09:37) stephan75

UMap also allows to place marker(s) and to do much more (draw lines on the map, add names and description to the markers, ...). However, if someone only wants one marker and nothing else using UMap is overkill and unnessarily complicated.

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answered 31 Jul '13, 23:26

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 31 Jul '13, 23:30

You can also go to Export > Embeddable HTML > Add a marker to the map, then copy the URL address from the Output field. You will have to remove the extra HTML code in that field, only using the "http://..." within quotes.

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answered 20 Jul '10, 14:18

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You can also go to Export > Embeddable HTML > Add a marker to the map, then copy the URL address from the Output field. You will have to remove the extra HTML code in that field, only using the "http://..." within quotes. MagicFab

This works really nicely (although there appears to be two "http://...." within the url output field & you'll only want the 2nd one).

Making this feature more obvious would make openstreetmap exponentially more useful.

(29 Jul '12, 22:07) thewm

How did i create this one today 11/08/2020 It shows something new to the UK a "Dutch Roundabout" it has an outer cycle lane. https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=52.17927&mlon=0.14885#map=18/52.17927/0.14885

  1. Scroll to place on map
  2. click on share button, right side 6 down
  3. click on marker box
  4. click link just below marker box
  5. put pointer on box below and COPY it
  6. Paste the cut into your message.

alt text

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answered 11 Aug '20, 19:18

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andy mackey
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edited 13 Aug '20, 21:58

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