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Just realized that I'm no longer seeing the white circle with a black "X" through it that used to indicate a railway=level_crossing node. I searched trac and the wiki but I don't see any mention of this being changed. Has it?

asked 05 Aug '13, 02:19

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As far as I can see the CartoCSS stylesheet currently defines only a rule for railway=crossing (in amenity-symbols.mss), but not for railway=level_crossing (although the image to render is named level_crossing.png). Seems like a bug report is a good idea.

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answered 05 Aug '13, 07:48

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Yet in project.mml I only see railway=level_crossing mentioned, not railway=crossing - which might be why I don't see anything rendered for railway=crossing either, so yes bug report here:

(05 Aug '13, 08:57) EdLoach ♦

OK, I submitted the bug report.

(05 Aug '13, 14:17) OceanVortex

Example where I am quite sure that there was a crossing symbol a few weeks ago but apparently no change in the data (accessing from Germany). I guess(!) it could be related to the switch to Carto (see question how-to-move-labels) and not being intentional, but still maybe not temporary. Co-incidental someone noticed at Aug 3 11:43 on the talk mailing list that there was a DNS change for tile accesses from Austria (now to server "tabaluga").

All in all: I would wait a bit (day?) and report it as bug against the carto stylesheet at some point in time, if not somebody knows better.


New tile rendering (Live Worldwide): The default "standard" map was switched cross to a new rendering server setup over the last weekend. the rendering server also uses the new “openstreetmap-carto” stylesheet.

(Shortened citation from talk mailing list, Aug 5 2013, 13:41)

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answered 05 Aug '13, 03:27

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Yep, same missing crossings here: (accessed from germany too).

(05 Aug '13, 07:28) gormo

OK, apparently it was indeed a typo in the new CartoCSS stylesheet, and it's been fixed.

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answered 06 Aug '13, 13:51

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