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Hi all.

I recently bought a Garmin Dakota 20. I have installed a map of Germany by Now I have also planned a nice tour in form of a gpx track (purely on the road, no small paths or so). When I download it to the device, it really shows me all the waypoints, but I dont want to have it that way, for example: I do not want to be notified whenever i pass a waypoint, because I use a different program to produce the gpx file and there is an algorithm putting in a lot of waypoints.

Instead I would prefer if my Garmin would recognize that i want to travel along roads and notify me a few meters in advance in form of a message like "in x meters you have to turn left/right".

Qustion: Is it possible to tell that to my Garmin?

Do i need other maps maybe? Without receiving any explanation, I thougth that this is what is meant by "routing ability", is that correct?

Thanks in advance,


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Ignoring any GPX that you may have loaded, if you try and navigate to a particular place using the Velomap map, do you have the option to "follow road" as well as "off road"?

(02 Aug '13, 11:41) SomeoneElse ♦

… that is described there: However, that is really, as you say, ignoring the GPX and doing the routing automatically on the device.

(02 Aug '13, 12:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS. As I will start the tour tomorrow, I wont have time to play around but I will definitely try out everything when I am back. Thanks again everybody!!

(02 Aug '13, 21:58) fryasdf

--This is a Vista tones menu. Does the Dakota 20 have this option. On my Vista HCX I can set up proximity alarms so as I approach a way point I get a beep or if I go off course I get another customizable beep. I couldn't find if the Dakota as this facility but if it is available and you convert the track to a route using Basecamp you could get a beep to notify you when a turn is coming up. The OSM map I have on my garmin (Gb from talky toaster) is routable i just have pick a waypoint, mark, town or address and it will calculate a route from my present position to the chosen place. note not all maps are routable.

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For those wanting a routable map for a Garmin of GB try this

(02 Aug '13, 17:55) andy mackey

Judging from page 5 to 7 of the owner's manual you can use tracks for navigation. But that just means that you see the track as "colored line". I do not see a hint that your Dakota 20 offers turn by turn announcements or at least notifications (my stone age Garmin, other model, beeps if I navigate a track but only if I am approaching a sharp turn). There is just "colored line" in the manual. Note that navigation by tracks is usually totally unrelated to the map on the device - no map is needed for navigation by a track.

However, the specs mention "Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads)" so that should work (see also my and SomeoneElse's comment above. You can also try a "route" (made of a series of waypoints), see scai's answer.

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For info, turn-by-turn routing works on my old eTrex Vista Hcx (including following a route created as per @scai's answer). I'd imagine it would on a Dakota 20 too. FWIW on a Nuvi it doesn't work in quite the same way, but that's not really relevant here.

(02 Aug '13, 12:48) SomeoneElse ♦

A GPX file can consist of three basic types: waypoints (wpt), tracks (trk) and routes (rte). To offer routing functionality, most devices require a GPX route instead of a GPX track. So you have to convert your track to a route first before transferring it to your device. This can be done using GPSBabel.

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answered 02 Aug '13, 10:19

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