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this is my first change to OSM, hence I have no idea if I did it correctly. I just added a single point marked as country Austria. Austria at the moment appears only as an administrative boundary.

When will I see the new entry in nominatim ?

asked 27 Jan '11, 16:01

Stefano%20Borini's gravatar image

Stefano Borini
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edited 27 Jan '11, 16:02

If the country has a proper boundary polygon then you should not need to add a place node, and should not do so.

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answered 27 Jan '11, 17:08

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TomH ♦♦
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ok, but from an ontological point of view, an administrative boundary does not imply a country... it may well be a city, or a region.

(27 Jan '11, 17:14) Stefano Borini

An administrative boundary that is tagged as a country boundary does!

(27 Jan '11, 17:15) TomH ♦♦

ah ok... I'll fix that then.

(27 Jan '11, 17:19) Stefano Borini

Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

With respect, adding a node for an entire country really is not the sort of thing you should be doing as your first change to OSM, and trying to tell the highly experienced sysadmins about ontological correctness is not going to win you many friends fast!

I'd recommend you start small with some edits around your home town, and get involved with the project for a few months before making potentially troublesome changes such as this.

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answered 27 Jan '11, 17:12

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Richard ♦
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edited 27 Jan '11, 17:17

fine, could you then fix that for me please ?

(27 Jan '11, 17:20) Stefano Borini

You should join the Austrian mailing list and discuss your proposed changes there.

(27 Jan '11, 17:24) Richard ♦

The point is that I don't have a few months, I have a few hours... I just want to 1) have Austria to resolve as a country 2) trying to understand if I am able to give a contribute in the future. I am in the process of resolving addresses, and a nightmare of inhomogeneity arises. I am fighting with a dirty addressbook on a dirty (no offense) street data, and if in the process I can fix the errors I see on OSM, it's a gain for both.

(27 Jan '11, 17:33) Stefano Borini

When it comes to correctness, I just copied what has been done for Italy, point 26347360

(27 Jan '11, 17:39) Stefano Borini

What do you mean by "resolve as a country"? You refer to Nominatim - searching for Austria finds it already. Is there some problem with resolving addresses?

(27 Jan '11, 18:05) Vclaw

@Vclaw : it is resolved as class="boundary" type="administrative". If you search for Italy, it is resolved as class="place" type="country", in addition to class="boundary" type="administrative". The reason is because for Italy there's a point where the tags have been attached to, while there's no such thing in Austria. My edit tried to address this.

(27 Jan '11, 18:12) Stefano Borini
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Hi Stefano,

I tracked down your changeset:

You need to use a lower-case "c" for country in the place=country tag.

As to how long your changes take to appear, it depends on server(s) load, whether you have tiles cached locally and other variables. Usually varies from a few minutes to a few hours.

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answered 27 Jan '11, 16:43

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EdLoach ♦
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