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I'am trying to import much data to map, so not good idea to upload public map and jam system.

I have Ubuntu 12.4 lts and installed openstreetmap software as well potlatch2.

Openstreet ware need's for potlatch2 at least oauth,... what else, is there instructions ? As undesrtood potlatch2 can only edit data at public server but not at own if not build for it, I figured out that oauth must be installed what elese?


Also intrested to search by street name or object!

asked 29 Jul '13, 11:16

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Not working yet but,.. At least I/you need:

Oauth -

sudo apt-get sqlite3 sudo apt-get install sqlite3 sudo apt-get install php5

svn co https://github.com/fkooman/oauth-install-all

sudo mkdir /var/www/oauth sudo chown YOU:www-data /var/www/oauth cd oauth-install-all ./oauth-install-all /var/www/html/oauth http://mpi1/oauth sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Openlayers -


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answered 30 Jul '13, 09:41

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To get Oauth work , who know's correct parameters:

Here is incorrect settings:


 args["api"] = "http://mpi1/api/0.6/";
      args["policy"] = "http://mpi1/oauth/php-grades-rs/api.php";
      args["connection"] = "XML";
      args["oauth_policy"] = "http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/introspect.php";
      args["oauth_request_url"] = http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/token.php;
      args["oauth_access_url"] = "http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/token.php";
      args["oauth_auth_url"] = "http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/authorize.php";

==== Here is http://mpi1/oauth/:

Service Information
URI     Description
Authorization Server [SRC]
http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/authorize.php   Authorize Endpoint
http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/token.php           Token Endpoint
http://mpi1/oauth/php-oauth/introspect.php  Introspection Endpoint, see Introspection Documentation
Resource Servers
http://mpi1/oauth/php-grades-rs/api.php     Grades API (documentation)

If I get this worked out I add installation notes to http://boy007.dy.fi

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answered 30 Jul '13, 09:51

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I'am stuck whit OAUTH,... can not ubnderstand which parameter at oauth match to one at potclatch2 !!!

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answered 01 Aug '13, 11:37

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