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Good day, I noticed that the territorial waters of the UK were incorrect SW of Tiree. I estimated the correct 12nm arc from Skerryvore as shown on UKHO charts in Changeset: 17099238 ( ) This was my first attempt at a change, so I may have made a mistake. Liam

asked 28 Jul '13, 19:36

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Note the UKHO charts are copyright, and have rather restrictive licensing terms. So you should not copy or derive anything from them for contributing to OSM.

(29 Jul '13, 01:59) Vclaw

Thanks, the territorial waters dataset is available from UKHO under the Open Government Licence, which allows for copying.

(29 Jul '13, 07:12) LiamMason

Please search for related topics on this site (it is easily the most frequent asked topic).

In your specific case there is nothing wrong, because it is such a large feature you were likely viewing it at a low zoom setting however low zoom tiles are updated in a regular batch process and not dynamically when the underlying data changes (simply because low zoom tiles tend to take a long time to render). If you zoom in, you will see your change, it may need a refresh and/or clearing out the cache in your browser.

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answered 28 Jul '13, 22:01

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edited 28 Jul '13, 22:02

@LiamMason: new shape visible at zoom 13 and higher (be sure to empty or refresh your browser's cache, otherwise you will see old map tiles if you viewed the location before).

(29 Jul '13, 01:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thank you, searches seemed to suggest changes could take a day or so, and with it being my first edit I thought I might have made a mistake!

(29 Jul '13, 07:16) LiamMason

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