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After generating a Big Map of the area that I need, I click perl and download the file, but then my windows 8 computer just wants to open the file in word or notepad. How do I 'run' it in order to get the png file?

asked 28 Jul '13, 11:19

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Karina Oconnor
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You will have to save the file, then install Perl on your computer, and use that to run it. On a Windows machine this could be quite lengthy because you not only need Perl but also a couple Perl modules. An easier way to get to a big PNG from Bigmap is installing a browser plugin that allows you to not only take a screenshot of the current browser window, but one of the whole page area. For Firefox, one such plugin is called "Screengrab". Then simply create a big image in bigmap (that will be much larger than fits in your browser window, and have scrollbars in both directions) and activate the plugin's "save whole page area to file" function.

There are other options of generating big maps; search for "render maps" or "map images" in this help system to read about them.

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answered 28 Jul '13, 11:31

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You need to download a perl interpreter for running perl scripts.

Unfortunately the english Bigmap wiki page isn't very detailed, the german Bigmap wiki page has more detailed instructions. I never used Bigmap mysel but it seems like after downloading the script you have to open the command prompt (cmd.exe), then switch to the directory where your file is located and type perl > mymap.png and press enter. Afterwards there should be a file called mymap.png in the same directory.

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answered 28 Jul '13, 11:38

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