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I draw some coastlines, how can I add polygons that use the same nodes as the coastline. E.g. The rather complex coastline is made up of cliffs so I want to add and area with "natural=cliff" along it, but I don't want to click every node in that coastline one more time.

complex coastline complex coastline (blue) + other area (red) that should use the blue line too

This is the same if I want to tag landuse=forest, and then have a joining landuse=farm.

asked 26 Jan '11, 09:17

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JOSM now has a follow line tool similar to that of Potlatch that allows to easily create a new way along an already existing way.

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answered 14 Aug '11, 15:53

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I found JOSM plugin contour merge it seems to do it, does it work?

from this to this

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answered 26 Jan '11, 09:23

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In Potlach2 start by making some nodes and when you get to an existing line you wish to follow do a couple of nodes along it then press f (for follow) (see my question Potlach2 using natural boundaries for tagged areas)

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answered 20 Feb '11, 10:33

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Very easy to use, this works great!

(21 Feb '11, 14:22) emj

In JOSM, you can achieve that with some tricks:

  1. select the coast way and copy it in the clipboard
  2. create a new layer (menu File), paste the content of the clipboard in this new layer
  3. select this copied path the two junction points
  4. split the path (key P)
  5. select the path you need and copy it in the clipboard
  6. switch back to your orginal layer, and paste the content of the clipboard
  7. you can now join this copied path with your cliff border
  8. run the validation tool and fix the duplicate nodes

It's a little bit tricky, but I haven't found another way to properly duplicate the wanted path.

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answered 21 Feb '11, 12:01

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You shouldn't be making overlapping ways, use a multipolygons instead. Draw each boundary line once then add it as an outer way in a landuse multipolygon.

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answered 29 Jan '11, 22:07

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Binary Alchemy
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emj, and may give you some hints. Also specifically read from the link Alchemy already gave you. For example: "It is suggested to apply all tags which describe the area to the relation, and not to the ways. In many cases this may result in completely untagged ways." (BTW: The parking area nearby isn't pretty done, but the examples above still should give you the idea how to reuse already existing ways.)

(31 Jan '11, 14:19) gnurk

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