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Trying to experiment with uploading gpx traces of Northern Tier ACA route and getting "Found no good GPX points in the input data" - opened data in josm and adze without any apparent problem. Is there any way that I can get specifics as to what the issue might be?

asked 25 Jul '13, 05:06

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already looked at that and checked and the file appears to have time tags, which is the reason why I posed the question having seen that to which you pointed me before I posted the question :-)

(25 Jul '13, 16:14) net-buoy

Where is the GPX track from? ie what device or software did you use to create it? Is it definitely a GPX track, not a route or waypoints?

Maybe you could upload it somewhere, and post a link to it here. Or add a sample of the GPX to your question.

(25 Jul '13, 17:24) Vclaw

For uploading GPX traces to, they should be tracks you have recorded yourself, using a GPS device. It is usually not a good idea to upload GPX tracks or routes found elsewhere, eg from other websites.

Firstly, there are issues over copyright and licensing. OpenStreetMap is licensed under the Open Database License, so any contributions need to be compatible with this.

Assuming you are referring to the GPS routes from the Adventure Cycling Association: reading the terms for the data agreement, it says it requires credit and a link back to the ACA, and it only allows non-commercial use. So this would not be suitable for adding to OSM under these terms.

You could ask the ACA for specific permission to add the routes to OSM. Though you would need to ensure they understand the licensing of OSM, which allows reuse by others. And check if their GPS routes have been derived from another copyright source, eg they might by traced from Google Maps, which would be unsuitable for OSM.

Also those GPS routes are not very detailed, they only have points every 5km or so. This may be good enough for navigating with a GPS device, but it is not very useful for mapping roads or paths in OSM. For a trace recorded on a GPS device, you would typically have points every 20m, which allows you to accurately map the shape of a road.

The best option may be to get out there and cycle the routes yourself. That way you can record suitable GPS traces, plus you can survey loads of other details. eg what sort of roads or paths it follow, or any shops or camp-sites along the way etc.

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answered 27 Jul '13, 11:45

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If you open the trace with a text editor does it look like this? I used notepad on my Win7 PC to view this one that I recorded with a Garmin Vista HCX. If your trace doesn't have the Lat Lon with times it won't be accepted. The system is set up this way so that traces constructed by tracing a copyrighted map are rejected. hope this is of assistance.alt text

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answered 25 Jul '13, 20:43

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andy mackey
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ok.... getting the thrust a bit now -- this is a route and it has waypoints (wpt) but not trackpoints (as in trkpt) [aspects of diff explained here: ] and in modifying it with josm or adze I managed I guess to convert wpt to rtept,

but that is still not trkpt and if this app will only accept trkpt can I just replace all the instances of rtept with trkpt and then import....

and is there an introductory level doc on gpx that explains the different aspects and usages of these three different types of points that you could <groanalert> point me to </groanalert>?

bottom line is that I would like to see if I can add the routes to OCM without having to play games adding them to an intermediary app, or am I doing something that is inappropriate for this resource?

stanza from original northern tier ACA gpx file

<wpt lat="48.4537470" lon="-122.5042790">
    <cmt>Josh Green Ln turn (EB)</cmt>
    <desc>Josh Green Ln turn (EB)</desc>
        <gpxx:WaypointExtension xmlns:gpxx="">

same stanza after half an hour of thrashing about with gpx apps ;-)

<rtept lon="-122.504280" lat="48.453751">
    <cmt>Josh Green Ln turn (EB)</cmt>
    <desc>Josh Green Ln turn (EB)</desc>
            <gpxx:RoutePointExtension xmlns:gpxx="">

(25 Jul '13, 22:18) net-buoy

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