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My Name is Emil Borconi Szedressy. I was looking to question about commercial products, but I'm still unsure of the answer, so I will like to clarify it.

I will create a application which is collecting latitude and longitude locations from various devices. People will be able to see this trough a webpage, I'm intending to use OpenStreetMap api to display the pin points. However if a user will register multiple devices which he want's to view on the map he will have to pay for the usage. Now to be very clear, I'm not intending to store or to modify any map data, I'm only storing latitude and longitude in my database, and I'm displaying it on the OpenStreetMap trough the API.

Can I use OpenStreetMap in this case or do I need a separate license, or I cannot include it in my product if I'm charging money to display data?

Thank you for making it clear.

Kind regards Emil Borconi

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There are many "commercial" questions, e.g. osm-layer-in-commercial-product or can-i-use-openstreetmap-in-a-commercial-product. I think these questions and their answers answer your question. Furthermore our legal FAQ sections 3c to 3f seem helpful to your case.

I really suggest to read the OpenStreetMap license (the full, legal text is linked there) by yourself. If you want to be "sure" you need to ask a lawyer specialized in copyright questions, you will not get a legally binding answer here. My own opinion (and not meant as a recommendation for you nor tailored to your case) is that it is no problem to sell a product which is using OSM. Displaying other data on top of OSM maps is also okay. The latter case is mentioned in the legal FAQ.

The tile usage policy (if you planned to use's server) has to be respected too.

Of course donations would be nice to help to support our infrastructure.

Oh, and note that the "OpenStreetMap API" is for editing only. You instead probably mean the map display cases described on .

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answered 22 Jul '13, 19:28

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Thank you.

(23 Jul '13, 08:27) Borconi

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