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Hi guys,

I am using the command ./utils/setup.php --osm-file north-america-latest.osm.bz2 --all --osm2pgsql-cache 5000 to import data. It seems having loaded all the Node, Way, and Relation overnight. However, it seems stuck at stopped table: planet_osm_rels. The following is the latest log info:

Node stats: total(607580357), ma(2386741811) in 6971s
Way stats: total(39333613), max(230146048) in 21023s
Relation stats: total(309747), max(3085766) in 1978s
node cache: stored: 483765898(79.62%), storage efficiency: 73.82% (dense blocks: 433893, sparse nodes: 105527130), hit rate: 80.58%
Stopping table: planet_osm_nodes
Stopping table: planet_osm_ways
Stopping table: planet_osm_rels
Building index on table: planet_osm_ways (fastupdate=off)
Building index on table: planet_osm_rels (fastupdate=off)
Stopped table: planet_osm_nodes in 0s
Stopped table: planet_osm_rels in 14s

Is it really stuck, or it is normal, just super slow? Thanks in advance! TJ

asked 18 Jul '13, 14:03

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OK guys, I think it is still running -- It is slowly consuming the hard disk. But is it normal, I mean, is it expected to slow down at this stage?

Thanks again. TJ

(18 Jul '13, 14:36) OSM-TJ2013

You can see what postgresql is doing by using:

psql nominatim
nominatim=# select * from pg_stat_activity;

Probably it is creating indexes which depending on the amount of maintenance memory can be quite slow.

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answered 18 Jul '13, 15:35

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Great! Thanks!

(18 Jul '13, 15:54) OSM-TJ2013

If you have an answer you are happy with please accept it.

(18 Jul '13, 15:59) twain

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