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well I have a question. says average tile size =634 bytes my minimum tile size is 22kb how do i reduce the tile size?

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asked 12 Jul '13, 19:12

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Another way to reduce disk space usage is to save vector tiles instead of the usual bitmap tiles. This potentially brings a nice space saving. On the other hand, vector tiles are very much a work in progress, with different people trying different setups, and isn't really standardized or newbee-friendly yet.

If you're ready to experiment and help, please dive in. Otherwise, stick with bitmap tiles.

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answered 15 Jul '13, 11:45

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This information is from March 2011. As you can imagine, the tile size depends on various things. The number of objects rendered, the used stylesheet, compression level of your image. Today OSM's database is larger than back in 2011, consequently here are more objects to render and the average tile size increases. And even with the same database I expect today's stylesheets to render more objects.

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answered 13 Jul '13, 09:33

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It also depends very much on which tiles are being rendered. gets fairly worldwide requests, whereas your website receives different, probably much more geographically-focused requests.

So even with a setup identical to the setup, your statistics are going to be different.

(15 Jul '13, 11:38) Vincent de P... ♦

If you want to reduce your average tile size, render lots of tiles with just land or water in them. I am guessing that is what brings the average down on tile as mentioned on the wiki page.

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answered 12 Jul '13, 23:16

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