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Is there a possible tag to add to a building which is lawfully built in wood ? Or like in the 18 the century when owners of wooden city buildings where pressed to use stone or masonry as outer walls, to prevent spreading fires. I considered restriction, but all values in the Wiki are for ways and none for buildings.

asked 12 Jul '13, 00:13

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What is the "restriction" which you are talking of?

Maybe you want to tag the materials of the building surfaces?

(12 Jul '13, 01:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

You want to add the information why a building has been made of a specific material? This doesn't belong in OSM's database.

(12 Jul '13, 10:28) scai ♦

Hi Scai, I joined osm just to add some lacking data. As cartinus stated I’m focusing on the defensive Dutch waterlines as part of the visible landscape. Due to this dispute I searched for the rules or goals of osm, but nothing more than improve the map by adding data, correct ? I happily agreed and joined osm without much knowledge. Now I’m confused about whose deciding whats worth adding or not, aren’t all contributors making or building the rules and this entire structure ? IMHO there’s nothing wrong in adding a suggested World Unesco monument containing a string of more than 800 elements. Or is osm just about building a databank with ways from A to B ? I’m really sorry if this is considered to be the wrong platform, to bring this up.

(12 Jul '13, 13:28) Hendrikklaas

Is OSM only an open database for you ? where is your limit in feeding data in OSM ?

(12 Jul '13, 16:13) Pieren

Shouldnt this conversation get a follow up elsewhere ?

(13 Jul '13, 22:00) Hendrikklaas

The kringenwet was suspended in 1951 and abolished in 1963.

Openstreetmap is about what is now. Not about laws that were valid between 150 and 50 years ago.

For people who don't understand why this is an answer to the question: Hendrikklaas is trying to map everything about the Hollandic Water Line. Even if it is no longer there.

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answered 12 Jul '13, 06:38

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