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The Blankeneser Hauptstraße in Hamburg/Germany is only allowed to drive on weekdays but not allowed on weekends. How can I set it up? On top of this it is only from beginning of Kahlkamp to end.

asked 08 Jul '13, 15:33

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In order to apply a restriction only to part of a street, you have to split it into multiple sections (if it isn't already).

The time-dependent restriction itself can then be applied to the appropriate section(s) using Conditional restrictions. In your example the correct tag would be vehicle:conditional = no @ (Sa,Su)

Note that this assumes that all vehicles, including e.g. bicycles are banned, and that the day of the week - rather than whether it is a workday - is the relevant factor. Otherwise, the tag has to look somewhat different. Also note that, in order to be able to enter more complex tags such as these, you may have to tell your editor to show you "all tags" (iD) or switch to "advanced mode" (Potlatch 2).

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answered 08 Jul '13, 15:58

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Ok this is too complicated for me. Maybe someone else can do it.

(09 Jul '13, 22:04) ivolino

@aseerel4c26: Thanks for pointing out the missing :conditional.

(10 Jul '13, 00:24) Tordanik

(oops, sorry, I wrote all in German - too lazy to translate now)

@ivolino: Wenn du zukünftig solche Fehler in unseren Daten feststellst, aber es vorerst nicht selbst beheben kannst (und nicht hier nachfragen willst, wie es geht), dann melde den Fehler. Ich habe es nun eingetragen (dazu habe ich erstmal die Straße in zwei Teile getrennt, um sie getrennt voneinander taggen zu können), ich hoffe es ist so richtig und der richtige Straßenabschnitt.

@Tordanik: Laut der Wikiseite sollte :conditional an den key, hast du das absichtlich weggelassen? Ich habe nun vehicle:conditional = no @ (Sa-Su) verwendet.

(10 Jul '13, 00:26) aseerel4c26 ♦

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