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I am using imposm to import data downloaded from OpenStreetMap. I am trying to generate map images using MapServer, using the guide from here:

When I import the data to my PostgreSql database using imposm, everything goes fine. But in the basemap XML there are a couple of problems. The following tables are not generated:


But these tables are referenced in the basemap MapServer XML.

The following pictures show the problem. The first is my result, the second is the expected (from OpenStreetMap website map): alt text alt text

Thanks for any help!


Now my maps look better and the tables are generated, still, the water area is not fixed. I found another example for problematic data:

alt text

asked 08 Jul '13, 11:21

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The basemap uses a custom Imposm mapping. See

You need to import with: imposm --mapping path/to/ ...

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answered 08 Jul '13, 12:46

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Thanks! I am checking it out. The tables are getting generated but the water area is still oddly missing unfortunately. I also had to switch to the basemaps 6-2 branch ...

(08 Jul '13, 13:50) Aston

The maps look much better now with the mapping file, but still, the odd missing water area problem persists : -(

(08 Jul '13, 14:17) Aston

Do you see these errors when you zoom in? If not, then you should try a newer version of Imposm (pip install We fixed some issues during generalization.

(09 Jul '13, 07:31) olt

I tried with this latest version, but the same problem exists unfortunately. Is there any debug to catch elements that could not be processed? My original problem with the missing water area is like one well defined element that is just clearly missing from all zoom levels. The other problem, as you said, only appears on certain zoom levels.

(09 Jul '13, 12:01) Aston

You should try the latest version from GitHub and not the latest release (in case you didn't). You should also make sure that the geometry is completely included in you OSM extract (where did you get that extract?). Then there is the possibility that the geometry itself is broken. You could tweak imposm.config and set import_partial_relations to True and/or change relation_builder to 'union' and see if the geometry gets imported.

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answered 12 Jul '13, 07:20

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