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I added several local stores and restaurants to the map of my town. All show up fine except for the liquor store, Clockworks Wine & Liquor. Instead of the store name, it just shows the street number (154). Why would this happen? The full address is 154 Main St., Dansville, NY 14437.

asked 06 Jul '13, 17:35

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I tried to add a Liquor store in my area and I got the same thing, the view map only shows the street number. There is a place, I don't have a link to report this as a bug. Looks like some type of discrimination against the liquor stores...:-)

(06 Jul '13, 19:49) slover98

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answered 06 Jul '13, 19:50

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I think the problem lies somewhere else. If you check his edit on the map, there is only number 154 instead of the full name, whereas just next to it, a Pizzeria is added and it does show the full name. I checked all his tags and everything look OK to me. Perhaps some powers that be on this board will give a better answer. The icon he used is a legit one.

(06 Jul '13, 20:21) slover98

No gnurk is absolutely right, it is because there is no rule for rendering shop=alcohol on the Mapnik layer. The address appears because there is a rule for rendering housenumbers. An icon in the editor has no bearing on whether the given feature is rendered as the sets of software are independent. Just to show its in the rules check out the best rendering of shops here

The reason why many shop values are not rendered is that there are a huge number of them (171 different ones for 1543 shops in my patch).

(07 Jul '13, 10:02) SK53 ♦

Thank you for the confirmation. So is there a list of types of shops whose names WILL NOT appear on the map?

Also, I am not a technical type, but on the link that you sent, the name of the store DOES appear on the map when osmfr is selected but it does not appear on default There are different versions of osm?

Perhaps the software should be designed to show all shops if only few exists in a small town.

Thanks for the reply

(07 Jul '13, 11:57) slover98

There is no list because the stylesheet constantly changes. This also means new things will get added and others might get removed.

Of course it would be nice if sparsely mapped ares would also show less important objects on the map. But this isn't supported by our current software and would require to order all kinds of POIs by their importance which in turn is very subjective, of course.

(07 Jul '13, 12:15) scai ♦

Thank you very much for all the answers. I now understand how it works. I started to do editing couple of months ago so it is good if I understand how things work. Best regards and thank you all for your time. Martin

(07 Jul '13, 12:34) slover98

Remember that even if objets don't appear on the map they are still in the database. This means that every tool, like a search engine or a router, is able to find and use them. Likewise a map with a different stylesheet is able to render them. The wiki has a list of OSM based services which can be useful to find other interesting OSM based maps.

(07 Jul '13, 16:07) scai ♦
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As you say the data is entered. What can be seen on a map depends upon the rendering ( or style ) of a map. On the map page we have four styles to choose from unfortunately none of them display more than the number. It is likely that some other renderings for example some created for other devices may show more. I update my OSM on Garmin and the styles sometimes show slightly different bits depending upon the renderers choices.

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answered 06 Jul '13, 18:43

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andy mackey
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I would accept that if it were true of the other stores I entered, but for them the full name is showing, along with the icon that shows what kind of business they are.

(06 Jul '13, 19:15) JeffK627

The names are linked to the icons.

There is a style for amenity=restaurant and one for amenity=cafe that says to display an icon and a name if there is one.

There is a style for addr:housenumber that says to just display the number. This style has a lower priority than the styles for amenity=... so you won't see the housenumber for them.

There is no style at all for shop=alcohol. (Probably because there are so many different shop types.)

There is also no style for nodes with name=... as that would make a big mess of the map.

(06 Jul '13, 21:38) cartinus

Is there a link somewhere that would confirm what you are saying? Is there a list of shops that will not have their names displayed?

If this is the case, we would not have shop names like Costco, Best Buy, BBB, well known US stores, at all on the map? There are hundreds of different restaurant names so a small village restaurant would have its name displayed but a superstore Best Buy would not, because it is a shop?

If you check: search for shop ... alcohol is the first one listed.

(07 Jul '13, 02:13) slover98

There is no list of shops that will NOT have their names displayed. shows that there are currently 7395 different shops in the OSM database and shows you the ones that will show up on the mapnik map. Currently they are supermarket, bakery, bicycle, books, butcher, car, car_repair, fashion, computer, convenience, department_store, doityourself, dry_cleaning, florist, gift, greengrocer, hairdresser, jewelry, mobile_phone, optician and pet.

(07 Jul '13, 09:33) gnurk

Great! Thank you for the detailed info. I appreciate it very much. Martin

(07 Jul '13, 22:38) slover98

First of all, thanks to everyone who responded, I appreciate you taking the time to clarify this. However, it seems to me that not having a uniform display of icon and name for every type of shop is a serious flaw. Shouldn't the default be to display at least the name if one exists, and also the icon where supported? It shouldn't matter if there are 10 shop types or 10,000, displaying the name and icon isn't that difficult - one query should be able to return that information. Why would someone write a stylesheet so specific that it can't represent everything in the database?

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answered 08 Jul '13, 15:24

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Because there is not enough space on the map to display everything everywhere. Plus if you try to display the absolute maximum number of labels that would fit, then the map would be ugly.

Selecting what should be displayed and what not is part of something called cartographic generalization.

This selection is dependent on the purpose of the map. OpenShopMap would try to display as much shops as possible. A map for cyclists will be more useful if it only shows bicycle shops and places where you can get food and drinks.

(08 Jul '13, 15:42) cartinus

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