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Dear all,

I'm dead new in OSM. I gave a try with the GPX import(from my garmin 800). My trace is properly imported in blue (nice mountain bike tracks that do not exist so far in OSM). Is there any trick to avoid creating node for my track (I'm using potlatch2 in firefox) ? It is really time consuming and there is no added value. I would prefer to concentrate on the proper tags to give to the tracks (which is already a though job since within few kilometres the category is changing from montain bike, to pedestrian or all terrain vehicule ...).

asked 06 Jul '13, 11:09

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In Potlatch 2, you can load a track, then press Alt and click on the track to convert it to a way (Windows/Mac OS) or Control+Shift click on Linux. That way can then be edited as usual.

Most GPS tracks have an excessive number of points, especially if you are recording at one point per second, so it is helpful to simplify this. In Potlatch 2, you can press Y to automatically simplify a way.

You should also make sure the new way is connected to any existing ways as required. And you can check to see if there any clearly inaccurate points from the GPS, eg obvious 'spikes', or clusters of points if you stopped somewhere, then delete or move those.

But still, it is often helpful to trace GPS tracks manually. This lets you place nodes where they are needed, ie an appropriate number to make curves realistic. And it lets you spot places where the GPS appears inaccurate, and avoid drawing those. You can load several GPS traces for the same route, and use those along with aerial imagery, to draw a more accurate way. So this does 'add value', though it can be time consuming for a long twisty path.

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thanks, it works fine (on my Mac, it is "z" instead of "y" to simplify). You are right, a GPS trace is not accurate enough, it still requires some manual post-processing.

(06 Jul '13, 16:25) SdW74

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