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Hi all,

I wanted to add more details to a train_station, I followed the new public_transport principles ( but I think I did a mistake : platforms, and highway=foot with area=yes do not appear : and on the tiles view :

Here is how I did : - The station area tagged with public_transport=station - The platform tagged with public_transport=platform - The approximative stop position tagged as stop_position - All of them in a relation (type=public_transport, public_transport=stop_area with the good roles (I think).

The platforms does not appear on the map. I saw it's not already supported on Mapnik due to migration to CartoCSS (didn't find anywhere if this is finsihed).

I tried to add highway=footway on platforms but it's not better.

Could you tell me if I made something wrong or if something is missing ?



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The problem is that the pages in the wiki don't necessarily reflect actual usage by real mappers, or support by all the OSM editors, or (as described in the other help question that you link to) support by the renderers on the OSM website.

There's probably a website out there somewhere that supports the new schema; hopefully someone can add a pointer to it from here (and from the other help question).

Personally I think that it's a mistake to create a wiki page like the new public transport proposal with a "Rendering" section that doesn't contain in bold print ALMOST NOTHING SUPPORTS THIS SCHEMA YET.

(02 Jul '13, 21:54) SomeoneElse ♦

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